On The Rise Foundation

What We Do


Our programs aim to fight the battle of rising costs associated with sport by offering a subsidized program which removes barriers for youth to participate in elite level sport while being exposed to the right opportunities 

Community Outreach

We aim to educate and empower youth to build life-long skills to become community leaders. What drives us is the potential in every youth that we come across. Through perseverance, these youth will be able to overcome great obstacles and we hope to have the foundation be a service in the community. 

Our Events

Our events are led by professional coaches, licensed agents, and peak performance coaches who provide soccer development, educational and professional opportunities, all while teaching life skills lessons.  

The goal of our events and programs will be to one day have developed players at the collegiate, professional, and national level. In addition to this we would like to see participants go on to be future doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and more. 

Upcoming Event :

December 25th –30th  2023 Ghana Showcase (Learn More) 

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